Muslim Festivals and fasts

                       The dates for festivals and fasts observed by Muslims are regulated by their calendar. The Muslims era dates from the 16th July, 622 A.D i.e., the day after Muhammad's flight(hijra) from Mecca. The years are purely lunar and therefore get behind the solar calendar, making a complete cycle in about 32 1/2 years.

Months No. of days Festivals Dates
1.Muharram 30 Muharram 1st to 10th
2.Saphar 29
3.Rabi - ul - awal 30 Bara waifat 12th
4.Rabi - ul - Sami 29 Hussain's Birthday
5.Jamada - ul - awal 30
6.Jamada - ul - Sami 29
7.Rajab 30 Day of Victory
Prophet's Ascension 20th
8.Shaban 29 Shab - i - Barat 14th
9.Ramazan 30 Fast of Ramazan 1st to 30th
10.Shawul 29 Ramazan or Id - ul -Fitr  1st day or day after new moon is seen
11.Dhul - qada 30
12.Dhul - hija 29 or 30 Bakrid or Id - ul -Zuha 10th