Bakrid is also known as Id-ul-Zuha, Id-ul-Adha or Id-e-Qurban . It falls on the tenth day of the twelfth month, i.e. Zil-Hijj, of the Hijri calendar.
Legend Behind the Festival:
                Once Prophet Ibrahim, had a dream. In the dream, Allah asked Ibrahim to sacrifice his dearest possession to please him. Next day when Ibrahim woke up, he distributed his wealth among the poor people. But Allah was not pleased with this. Ibrahim had just one son who was born many years after his marriage. For Ibrahim, his son was more valuable than any other possession hence he decided to sacrifice his only son. The boy readily accepted the situation. Ibrahim raised his sword to kill him but seeing the boy's face he stopped. The Ibrahim covered his eyes with a cloth and raised his sword and brought it down. When he removed the cloth and opened his eyes, he saw to his utter delight that by Allah's grace, he had sacrificed a sheep and his son was safe. He thanked Allah and sang his praises. Allah was pleased with Ibrahim as he was just testing his devotion.
                Id-ul-Zuha commemorates this incident and since then, the tradition of sacrificing a goat or sheep on this holy day had started. After offering prayers to Allah, a goat or sheep is sacrificed. the meat is then shared with family and friends, and zakaat or charity is given to the poor. Feasts are arranged and a festive atmosphere prevails.