Shiva (the destroyer and re-creator of the universe)

Many Hindus believe there is one God who is worshiped in differrent forms, an idea that stems from the very earliest Hindu scriptures. This one supreme being is named Brahman, though Hindus often address God in more personal ways, using such words as Bhagvan, or the name of a particular deity, such as Vishnu.
               Shiva is seen in three different forms. In the form of Shiva Natraj, or "lord of the dance", he is shown dancing the world into existence within a circle of fire.He stands on a demon representing avidya (ignorance of spiritual truth). The tension between avidya and wisdom (knowledge) is central to the Hindu tradition. Hindus Believe everyone must turn away from avidya in order to re-identify with Brahman, the Supreme, and achieve moksha.
                In another form, Shiva is shown as a man meditating( a yogi) with the Himalayas in the background.This shows that he has pure concentration and is not distracted by earthly things. A cobra around his neck symbolizes that he is beyond death, and atiger skin over his shoulder represents the need to overcome ignorance and pride. his trident is the symbol of a holy man who has given up the pleasures of an earthly life.
                The third aspect of Shiva is the lingam.This symbolizes Shiva's creative and reviving powers. This form of Shiva is worshiped only in temples.

Lord Shiva in Different forms
Shiva as Natraj Shiva lingam Shiva as yogi
Natraj Shiva Lingam Yogi