Ram Navami

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the nine-day Chaitra Navratri features Ram Navami celebrations - a nine day festival which starts from the beginning of the Hindu New Year

The most remarkable feature of Navratri in the month Chaitra (March-April) is the Ram Navami celebration. Ram Navami celebrates the birth of Rama or Ramachandra, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ram Navami is a nine day festival, which starts from the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The nine-day Navratri period is thus, a festival of pure happiness and one of the most auspicious occasions for all Hindus. The festival is celebrated on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month of Chaitra. In some parts of India, it is a nine-day festival, coinciding with the Vasanta Navaratri.

Ram Navami or the birthday of Lord Rama, is observed on the ninth day of the waxing moon of the month Chaitra (March-April) and is celebrated to rejoice the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. Rama was born to King Dasharath and his wife Kaushalya as an answer to the prayers of the people who were traumatised by Ravana. Ravana is the king of Lanka. Lord Brahma whom they asked for help could not, as Ravana could not be killed by a God. Brahma asked Vishnu to help. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Rama and successfully killed Ravana.

Ramanavami brings together people of different castes. In earlier times, it was specified that this festival be celebrated by all, perhaps as away to release the social tension that existed due to the caste system. With the decline of the caste rigidness, this festival is now celebrated to sing the glory of a great mythical hero and is a source of divine inspirations.