The Holi Bonfire

                On the first night of Holi Bonfire Holi, the night of the full moon, everyone gathers round a huge bonfire. During the week before, people in villages, towns and cities decide where the main bonfire is to be lit. Then they collect wood for the fire. Infact, anything made of the wood is likely to find its way on to the giant heap!
The Bonfire
                Some Hindus fast on the day before the night of the full moon. As dusk falls, people gather round the bonfire. They bring with them offerings of coconuts, wheat and other grains, which are later thrown into the fire. As the sun sets, a priest says a prayer before lighting the fire. It is not before the wood is ablaze!
                As the fire burns, the sounds of drums, horns and singing fill the air. In the part of India called Gujarat, parents walk around the fire once with their children. This is a way of receiving the blessings of God for their children. They say prayers for the children's good health and happiness. Gujarati Hindus in other parts of the world celebrate Holi in the same way.