Fairs & Festivals in Warangal

Afzal Shah Biyaabani Urs: It is celebrated for about one week from 21 st to 28th of Safar (June-July) in memory of the saint Afzal Shah Biyabani at Kazipet near Warangal.

Bhadrakali Sarannavaratrothsavam: It is celebrated from Asviyuja Sudha Padyami to Dasami (September-October) for 10 days with great pomp at Warangal. Every day during the festival, Sahasranamaarchana and avarnarchana are performed in the morning and in the evening according to the dakshinachara sampradayam.

Sri Korivi Veerbhadraswamy Festival: It is celebrated for one month and three days from Magha Bahula Trodasi to the end of Phalgunam(February-March) at Kandikonda near Warangal.

Sri Mallikarjunaswamy Festival: It is celebrated from the last Sunday in Margasiram to the end of Phalguna Amavasya (December to March) on every Sunday during the period of three months at Komarvelly in Warangal district.

Sri Narasimhaswamy Brahmothsava: It is celebrated for nearly 15 days at the temple on the hillock commencing from Vaiskha Suddha Purnima (May-June) at Narasimlapeta near Warangal.

Sri Ramachandra Kalyanothsavam: It is celebrated for 13 days from Kartika Suddha Purnima to Bahula Dwadasi (November-December) at Jeedikal near Warangal.